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Ascorbic acid E300 - vitamin C powder
Ascorbic acid E300 - vitamin C powder
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Pure food grade vitamin C powder. Ascorbic acid is a citric acid, but is also works to a significant degree as an antioxidant. Vitamin C powder is often used as a healthy preservative: it prevents the browning of fruit juices, cut fruit and meat.

Vitamin C is important for the health of humans; it boost the immune system and gives a natural protection against illness.

Vitamin C is important for digestion; it helps the breakdown of amino acids and promotes the absorption of iron. As an antioxidant it helps neutralise free radicals.

The recommended quantity of vitamin C is 90 mg per person per day. A balanced diet contains sufficient vitamin C, but sometimes you need more: if you participate in intensive sports, if you smoke, if you are recovering from an illness or during pregnancy and breast feeding. Extra vitamin C is also necessary if your daily diet contains too little vitamin C, for example if you are on a special diet.

Vitamin C powder can be easily dissolved in liquids, sprinkled over food products or mixed in food. Dissolve a teaspoonful of vitamin C powder in your fruit juice or mix it in your salad for extra vitamins.

In contrast to vitamin C pills and capsules, vitamin C powder is 100% pure. It contains no filling, flavour, aroma or colouring agents or gelatin. It is allergen free and suitable for vegans.

Always consult your GP if you have questions concerning the effect of vitamin C powder on your health.

Chemical composition Ascorbic acid

Purity vitamin C (C6H8O6) Min. 99.50%

Melting point: 190°C

pH 2.1 – 2.6 (in a 5% solution)

Heavy metals; Max. 10ppm

Iron; Max. 2ppm

Lead; Max. 2ppm

Mercury; Max. 1ppm

Copper; Max. 5ppm

Arsenic; Max. 3ppm

Non-soluble in water Max. 0.1%

The maximum use of this product for various foodstuffs can be found on the website of the European Commission: Food additives Database.

Also see our frequently asked questions about Vitamin C

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy0 kJ
Energy0 kcal
Fat0 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0 gram
Carbohydrates0 gram
of which sugars0 gram
Protein0 gram
Fibre0 gram
Salt0 gram
  • UsageDosage: for restricted use in food.
  • Ingredientsfood acid: E300
  • Country of originChina

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