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Industrial use

Natural Spices is the perfect partner if flavour, functionality and profitability are important to you. We can develop new concepts and flavours so you can focus on production and marketing. We can also improve the profitability of your existing product range by mixing your current mixes at very competitive prices.


Natural Spices distinguishes itself through its flexibility; where the competition stops, we continue. In respect of customised product development, demands for minimal order quantities are not very high. Our large production capacity and ample supply of raw materials enable a quick production. We offer a free choice of packaging options. Furthermore, we can deliver very quickly; we will make sure that you will always meet your production schedule.

Our customers

Many renowned producers of snacks, salads, soups, sauces, dairy, meat products and meals have already placed their trust in us. We supply them with herbs, spices, seasoning, spice mixes, sauces and marinades that will perfectly meet any flavour demands their customers may have.

Raw materials and quality

To supplement your product, we can select from a very wide assortment of ingredients. If the required ingredient is not in stock, we will immediately contact our worldwide suppliers. If you wish, we can stock the ingredient to keep production up and running. Natural Spices offers you the best quality; we meet the highest standards and we have the certificates to prove it. This will guarantee the quality from raw material to end product.

Herb store management

Natural Spices can adequately manage your raw material stock. In consultation with you, we will make clear agreements in respect of minimum and required stock so you will always maintain production. We will monitor your orders and prepare our own forecast. This forecast will be used to the benefit of our own stock management, making sure you will always have your products delivered on time.

One step further

Natural Spices can take it one step further so that you can fully concentrate on production; Herb store management. Here we take over full management of your herb store, starting with the purchase of raw materials. We will process and mix the materials according to your own recipe. Subsequently, we will package the materials in batch units that can be processed into your production process without any further action on your part.

Your advantages

So, you do not have to worry about the quality as we meet the highest standards and have the certificates to prove it. Using our track & trace system, all ingredients are fully traceable. In addition, you can achieve significant savings in stock and valuable time. Ultimately, an important advantage; the reduction of production downtime.

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