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Natural Spices offers a wide range of sauces for hot and cold preparation. We can also produce your own recipes for sauces in our modern production area. We develop and produce our sauces with pure and authentic ingredients with minimal preservatives. For the industry, we can also produce clean label or organic sauces.
Our standard sauces which are shown below, are packaged in convenient recloseable buckets or jars. For the industry we can fill all the required quantities in sachets, cups, bottles, jars, buckets or IBCs. View the webshop to our wide range of sauces and order them quickly and easily.

Warm and cold sauces

The warm (savory) sauces are used to support the taste of food. Only the best ingredients are used in our sauces. Examples are BBQ sauce, chili sauce, pasta sauce and cheese sauce.
Cold sauces can be divided into red sauces, often tomato-based sauces and white based on the best free range eggs. In addition to our famous BBQ sauce includes for example the shawarma sauce to the assortment red sauces. White sauces are our delicious creamy garlic sauce, a fresh cocktail sauce and the best Filet Americain/Steak tartare sauce of Netherlands.
If you are a heavy user looking for a sauce that is not listed or would you like to create your own sauce here? Please contact us. We can produce almost all sauces in any package.
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  • Sauces - Babi pangang sauce

    Babi pangang sauce

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    Dutch mince stew sauce

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  • Sauces - Garlic sauce

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  • Sauces - Goulash sauce

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  • Sauces - Hydrolysed vegetable protein liquid

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  • Sauces - Ketjap manis sauce

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  • Sauces - Piri piri sauce

    Piri piri sauce

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  • Sauces - Ready-to-use satay sauce

    Ready-to-use satay sauce

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  • Sauces - Sambal oelek

    Sambal oelek

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  • Sauces - Shawarma sauce

    Shawarma sauce

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  • Sauces - Spaanse toppingsaus - Sauzen

    Spanish topping sauce

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