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Starter culture pro
Starter culture pro
Starter culture pro Starter culture pro
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Starter culture pro ES0193 (1 kg) 39.45
1 kg


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maltodextrin (corn), dextrose, food acid: E300, startercultures (Staph. xylosis, Staph. carnosus and L. plantarum)

Country of origin

The Netherlands

Starter cultures are pure or mixed cultures (groups of bacteria) of selected micro-organisms. The enzyme activity of the bacteria is used. The use of starter culture pro is intended to speed up the maturing process of raw meat products and to give a better colour stability and taste. Use: 5 grams per kilogram mass weight. LIMITED SHELF LIFE AFTER OPENING: COOLED < 2°C - MAX 3 MONTHS, IN FREEZER < -18°C - END THT Starter culture Pro Reasons for use, Production of raw meat products with Starter culture Pro OBJECTIVES: -1- Sound bacteriological control -2- pH control -3- Stable colour -4- Good, fast nitrite reduction -5- Low residue nitrite -6- Fast production -7- Process simplification -8- Better salt control -9- Good aroma formation -1- Sound bacteriological control Due to the inoculation density with the application of an injection culture and glycolysis, an intrinsic flora will be immobilised. Due to numerical dominance and food competition, the underlying, undesirable florals will be suppressed with the result that oxidation effects occur less quickly. Due to fast pH drop the growth capacity of these undesirable florals is inhibited. With the use of nitrite some undesirable florals will be inhibited or destroyed. Due to fast penetration in the physical processes this will be further reinforced. -2- pH control Structural changes of the muscles are strongly influenced by the degree of acidity. With a lowering of the pH the dissolvability of proteins decreases as does the water binding capacity; pH drop and moisture loss have a negative effect on the growth and assimilation of micro-organisms. If the pH falls too low, the flavour perception will be negatively influenced while the advantages of micrococci will not be optimally utilised due to the decline in their activity. With a fast pH drop a fast contraction of the muscles will occur and a fast stabilisation of the water balance. Due to the injection of lactic acid-forming micro-organisms, the pH is manipulated in such a way that the water balance in the product is stabilised. With the selection of the correct composition of the nutrients it is possible to select a correct drop in the pH. -3- Stable colour Colour-forming micro-organisms are responsible for the nitrite metabolism that brings about the colour-forming from myoglobin. Without micro-organisms nitrite cannot be reduced to nitrogen oxide. The injection culture is able to reduce nitrate and nitrite to nitrogen monoxide. Nitrogen monoxide combines with myoglobin to form nitroso metmyoglobin, which is then microbiologically reduced to nitroso myoglobin. Discolouring Some micro-organisms are able to form hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or hydrogen peroxide (H202). The hydrogen of hydrogen sulphide reacts with myoglobin with the result that green coloured sulphmyoglobin is formed. The hydrogen of hydrogen peroxide reacts with myoglobin with the result that green coloured choleglobin is formed. Hydrogen peroxide can also cause fats to become rancid. The injection cultures used suppress the micro-organisms responsible for this type of discolouring. -4- Good and fast nitrite reduction The capacity of nitrite reductase of micro-organisms can be used to promote a speedy breakdown of nitrite. The nitrogen monoxide released in the breakdown reacts with the myoglobin present, with the result that an optimal colour-forming takes place. This can be with the support of ascorbate as co-catalyst. -5- Low residue nitrite Due to the nitrite reductase from the metabolism of the injection culture the nitrite reduction will be optimal with the result that the value of the residues nitrite can be regulated. -6- Fast Production In the case of normal production, due to nitrite any influence on the microbiological process will be set in motion slowly with the result that the conversion of nitrate/nitrite will also proceed slowly. Due to the fast penetration of enzymes and lactic acid (metabolites of injected micro-organisms) the product to be treated will be ready faster. The drop in pH will proceed quickly due to the forming of lactic acid while in normal production this also is set in motion slowly. Due to physical manipulation (tumbling) the absorption of salt, nitrite and other substances is improved with the result that the production time is optimised. -7- Process simplification Where normally some time and multiple actions are necessary, if Stargold is used in the production the result is a shorter period of time and fewer operations. For example: For bellies in a dry salt process normally a period of 8 to 12 days is necessary. Using a tumble process, another 4-5 days brine or dry salt time is necessary. This is in order to obtain an optimal maturing and salt absorption. Applying starter culture: Starter culture pro can be used on all beef and pork products that are not cooked. Can be applied as follows A: rub in (mixed with the salt to be used) B: dissolve in injection brines C: mix together (in the salt/spices in the last phase of production) Examples: Smoked meat, oxtail sausage, bacon, raw metworst or Dröewors

Nutritional Profile

Energy1539,05 kJ
Energy367,52 kcal
Fat0 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0 gram
Carbohydrates95,4 gram
of which sugars23 gram
Protein0 gram
Fibre0,9 gram
Salt0 gram


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